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When the body works better so does the mind and emotions


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 We The People!


Four Years of Gratitude

Sabbatical announcement


Thank you for four wonderful years. This has by far been my most rewarding practice in all 20 years of my massage therapy and health education practice. Nockeby torg is a lovely place to be and my clients have been the best.

I, Rebecca, have decided to take a sabbatical. It is business as usual through March 30 th . Please book through bokadirect.


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Therese will be available for massage after the move. She will post that contact information on the website. If you wish to contact her directly.

Therese and I also have plans to deliver Wellness workshops to businesses. We have not been able to follow through on those plans without the support of my writing projects. Hence, they shall be coming soon.

Many kind regards and well wishes

Take a deep breath and remember to take a moment just for you.


We The People

We provide holistic health for body, mind and soul, emphasizing treating the mind and body as an integrated whole. Located in peaceful Nockeby Torg we look to build a healthy community while striving to increase  knowledge of massage  and healthy living techniques.


In our vision to create holistic health we find it natural to a provide healing and counseling. Besides healing sessions and wellness coaching we frequently hold workshops, events and courses in personal and spiritual growth at We The People.


If you are working within the field of holistic health and are planning to have a course or workshop please contact us!






Välkommen till We The People!


Vi erbjuder hälsa för kropp och själ. Vi befinner oss i stillsamma Nockeby Torg och har en bred kunskap om massage och avslappningstekniker.


I vår vision att skapa holistisk hälsa finner vi det naturligt att även erbjuda healing och rådgivning inom hälsa. Förutom healingbehandlingar och hälsorådgivning så håller vi ständigt kurser och event i personlig och andlig utveckling på We The People.


Om du är verksam inom holistisk hälsa och planerar att ha en kurs eller ett event kontakta gärna oss!